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So after I wrote my blog yesterday I thought it would be cool to write it again. I really don’t know what I’ll write but I hope I’ll come up with something and you won’t write me angry comments how I stole your time. Which I did and still doing just shhh… It’s a secret my dear. Soooo…. After all this said I will say some more! Oh I remembered one thing! As you know from my last blog I was talking about that story with mushrooms and all war thing going on? And you know what! I remembered that when I was little at school we had a play based on this story! I was like 7 or 8 years old. And I played hedgehog. Wow that’s a very weird name in English I had to read it few times to figure out how to pronounce it. In Lithuanian we called it ‘Ežys or ežiukas‘, oh and here you go! You‘re reading my blog and now you had a short lithuanian lesson! How cool is that? Ok I have to focus, fo-cus. I need some cheerleaders to give me an F – O – C – U – and S. Yeah cheerleaders. We don‘t have them here in Lithuania. I don‘t know why maybe it‘s too cold for them here because they‘re always wearing these short skirts and.... ok ok ok.....
Hedgehog has nothing to do with cheerleaders! So I was a hedgehog (because I can‘t dance like cheerleaders) and I was not alone! I was with my friend and she was a hedgehog too! You know when you‘re kids you just don‘t want to be alone so it was awesome to have her near me during the play. + my costume was awesome!!!!! I loved it! I had this wool jacket that meant to look like spikes and I had a little basket full of mushrooms and apples. And my nose tip was red. Awwww...... what a cute creature I was. But now it‘s over. I have to come back to reality and face the truth! I‘m not a cute hedgehog! But I can live with that... Like Barack Obama said YES WE CAN! Obama is awesome. Well I hope he is because if he‘s not I will start a mushroom war! And believe me its something that you dont want to see!
Theres something I really want to share with you! Emily, my great bebo friend (I hope she thinks that we‘re friends because if not than I‘m screwed! No really but maybe a bit god I should close this sentence right about now) wow I did it! Oh yeah right so she made me realise that in Lithuania there‘s no donuts shops! And thats horrible! Thank you Emily for letting me understand this lurid, awful, morbid, ghastly thing! Some kinda freaky clown (I‘m talking about MacDonalds) lives on our land for decades and feeds us with his hamburgers and decent people dont have a warm place where to go and grab some yumy donuts? Something needs to done! Maybe I should start a petition? Or..... maybe I should talk with the others and let them know how awful it is that we dont have a donut shop here and after that THEY will start a petition and while they‘ll be getting some votes I‘ll eat donuts! Now thats a good plan! Oh and by the way because I mentioned Macdonalds clown I wanted to ask you something. Did you noticed his friends?? They‘re creepy!!! They‘re all mutated! And those little laughing potatoes? They look like little poos to me! And when that clown comes alive take a look what kinda kids surrounds him! They‘re all toothless and likes to scream and grabs that clown like hes a god. Its just terrible.


Oh one last thing that I almost forgot but I didnt so now you‘ll know! Or maybe you already knew but that doesnt matter because what matters is that LIVELAVALIVE made his new video and its called ‘new camera‘. Or maybe its his old video that I never heard before?
If it is so you can call me a straggler. Deal? So anyway, go and watch it that guy is superb!

3 things:

1. Mushrooms and hedgehog
2. Donuts

Wait that was 4 things because mushrooms and hedgehog are two...... whatever I suck at math.......
I just can’t start this right! What is wrong with me? Or maybe I should ask what is good with me or what goodies are left in my rotten brains and black little heart. This is so not making sense and as a consequence to that I will throw up. Yeah laptop wouldn’t be very happy about it. Ok three things that I want right now is :

1. Caramel candies ( I always want them like a triple size fat kid wants to go to McDonalds… ALWAYS)

2. New LIVELAVALIVE video just because that guy makes me laugh. All the time, everyday. If you don’t know him you’re probably living in a distant country side farm somewhere in Nebraska. Don’t ask me why I used Nebraska because I simply don’t know. So yeah new video would make my day for sure and…. Gosh just add some happy phrases that normal people use to express their happiness because I’m out of emotional words. I don’t know maybe that didn’t made sense but hey who makes sense these days? Few…

3. Impolite hoodie. That hoodie is awesome and its sold out. So thanks guys for supporting Alex Evans but like come on couldn’t you just leave me one? Just one…..

So now you know what’s on my mind right now and I just understood how I would love to have a cup of coffee. Oh well wishes are wishes and prince on white horse will never come. Yeah I read stories too when I was little. Can’t remember any of them but I liked them. My favorite was and probably still is ‘The war of mushrooms’ or something like that I just want to say that I suck at titles translations. But that’s not important the thing is that I liked that story and it was about mushrooms who wanted a combat. But I really got to be honest with you that I don’t remember that story so good as I thought when I started to write about it so I don’t remember why they wanted to fight. BUT…. This could be a great inspiration for you to read this story. You won’t but that’s fine with me. I will imagine that you will and I’ll have beautiful dreams this night. Or maybe mushrooms will come to my dream and tell the whole story how that war went. So if you have nothing to do this night come and join me in my dream tonight. This sounds a bit awkward…

I can tell you a bit about my day. When I had to go school I was late like always. I don’t know why but I’m always late I try to do everything as fast as possible but I do one thing too long and everything goes wrong. School was decent. I came home and I ate… that was probably the best part of this day if we don’t count this little words blurb.It was not bad but not so great too actually I don’t know. Maybe you could tell me what you’ve been doing today and we’ll see who had the best day today or worst lets make it equal…

- But I really want that hoodie-


I have the best friends in the whole world I have the best parfume in the whole world and I have a tattoo!!!!

what do I want more????

oh yeah.... The best books in whole world!!!!


all I want to do now is to find some time to read a book (no I'm not a book worm :D ) and to find some new cool artists or painters
I wish we could not sleep! god! I would be so smart! :D or maybe not.... who knows? 
although I love darkness and I love city at night :P

so if you have time dont waste it in front of TV go and do something that will make you feel good and that you will get smarter from those things :P

well at least that is what I need and want now....

so stupid and useless post but I'm just letting my mind do what ever he wants and my fingers print what ever they want :D

dont judge just love :D



ok so I guess nothing new but still
I have to write something :P
I write lyrics like always and I love incubus and paramore more and more
somtimes it feels like I will explode?????

Dinosour dreams

How could we ever know that somebody before us havent said that word or phrase
even thousand years ago???
Are we repeating ourselfs?
our human mind and consciousness aint goin further. 
I think that only subconsiousness is goin somewhere but the 
only thing is that we cant communicate with it.....
Its a big circle when its over we go back to start. 
Repeating the same phrases, words, lyrics, gestures. 
I believe that even our dreams could be very similar to 
those that our grand grand grand dinosour papas dreamed. 
Now we're in that kinda state that its easier to speak in somebody's 
We dont have to think a lot. Its like time proof!
Its on a plate just find the right moment to say it.
Only the chosen ones can spread their new mind all over the world 
and we all
we can just admire them...
So will we be able to run away from this miserable circle?
I guess we have to start from 
stop dreaming those dinosours dreams..... 

Prism, Reflection, Reality, Mindless nebula....  

night time

ok so now its 1AM in Lithuania. I'm in my village far far far away from capital city. I want to go home actually, because nothing much is happening here. All days are the same. Just chillin in the shade because its too fucking hot! 
my dog is snoring. Yeah I have a dog :D not so long so sometimes its weird to see in my bed when I'm waking up. So yeah he likes to snore well hes french and hes bulldog what else can I tell? :D Its my first day in LJ god its so hard to figure out here everything but oh well I have a lot of time :D
till summer end :D
I remembered a song! (''summer time, and the living is easy'')
yeap yeap living is easy, well at least for now :D
and this summer is kinda special :D
I went to Ireland, I found louds of friends but the worst part that they're all over the world! I wish I could meet them all!
that would be so much fun :D
now I'm listening to paramore :)
really good band I just love Hayley's voice 
I was always interested in music 
sometimes I write lyrics but you just have to find that right time to spill them out
I saw 3 birds in the sky today and I wrote a little song
even little things can make us write :) of just me.... who knows :D
I've red a book today and there was a guy that he won 6 million dollars 
he was happy very happy :)
but still he chose to wash dishes for the rest of his life.
maybe money cant make us happy :)
or maybe he just wanted to wash dishes because he felt happy?
maybe I will go to sleep now :D


Sadness in my kinda way

I believe that sadness is spiritual. It's the way you feel inside, the way your soul feels, not your brains,mind or consciousness. There are different levels of sadness. It could be light and not so strong. Like you're sad but even a lame joke could make you laugh or put a smile on your face. Deeper sadness is something that makes you feel bad or sad and to make you feel better is a hard thing to do.
But the biggest sadness is when you cant control and cant help it the way you feel. It strikes your mind and consciousness. Even a little, stupid things makes you feel weak.
I imagine big sadness when you unconsciously light six candles on your table, turn the light off, switch on old and sad songs album, pour a full glass of bad red wine and just sit on the ground. No tears, no thoughts, no nothing. Just you, light from little candles tongues and that red substance in your glass. You dont hear, you dont feel that horrible bad wine taste in your mouth... You just sit.... For how long? No one knows, time is not important at this state of mind. You just fall into the darkness, you see how red wine comes near to your lips. You close your eyes and feel that weird taste for the first time.
It feels that you fall in some kind of dark place in your subconsciousness, trying to find out what you really want from yourself. But subconsciousness dont like questions, she will not take your orders. Once again you feel that red liquid in your mouth it felt like cold ocean wave. Its sour and at the same time sweet. It makes more spits in your mouth but when you swallow wine, it leaves nothing, but thirsty feeling down your throat...
After that, you open your eyes, look around the room. Candles are half burned, CD is over and the bottle of that inferior red wine is empty and rolling between your toes.
How deep could sadness be? I think as deep as red wine can be bad.
Why this lugubrious feeling is weird? Because you dont cry, you dont think, you just communicate with your soul and subconsciousness in you kind a way.
Or maybe its just my way.....